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Nicole’s lectures aim to provide the highest level of evidence-based science alongside heartfelt and real-world clinical practice experiences for attendees to connect and grow with.  Her lectures are infused with warmth and down-to-earth wisdom alongside collaboration and participant engagement in order to provide useful tools and strategies for on the spot and next day clinical practice application.

Recordings of Nicole’s most recent lectures are accessible for viewing through the American Academy of Physiological Medicine & Dentistry and the Educational Partners Library at Talk Tools.  Please check back for upcoming lecture announcements and feel free to join us as we all grow, connect, and learn together.

Upcoming Lectures

The Airway Space & Pace Blueprints:

September 7-9, 2023


Recorded Lectures

A Pioneering Invervention:

April 3, 2022 & October 23, 2022

coming soon

Moving Beyond The Ties

Las Vegas, NV | February 11-13, 2022

coming soon

AAPMD Collaboration Cures

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Emotional Regulation, Executive Functions, Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy: A Paradigm Shift

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Navigating the World of Autism and Sleep: A Whole Child and Whole Team Approach / An OMT Home Program: Supporting a Family When Direct Therapy is Impossible

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Man’s mind once stretched by new ideas, never regains its original dimensions.

– Oliver Wendall Holmes